• Fun For All

    The fun at ESCAPE is designed to help visitors see that “growing up is optional”

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  • ESCAPE's Dedication

    We are a team of dedicated and visionary individuals who share an unwavering commitment to be the market leader in its chosen fields by departing from the conventional and focusing on creativity.

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  • Safety

    Safety is our number 1 priority and we take it very seriously. We encourage you to read our park rules and hope you will have a great play!

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Our Story


The Team

Chief Escape Officer

Sim Choo Kheng

Chief Escape Officer

Sim draws inspiration from his free-range childhood playing in the kampong and his 24 years’ international theme park experience to create ESCAPE. Sim always had the desire to create a theme park that would define his ‘true meaning’ of PLAY that will rival the big world brands, and this is being realised through the ESCAPE concept.

Safety Attractions Manager

Milan Vanek

Park Manager

Milan has spent over 12 years in designing and installing attractions as well as safety auditing roles across Europe and Asia. Milan ensures all attractions and rides operate in compliance with the benchmarks of European norm s safety standards.

Recreations Manager

Bab Abdullah

Recreations Manager

Bab has with him 15 years’ experience the recreation and show performance. Bab is charge of all the recreational facility and entertainment at ESCAPE. He and his team of performers organise competitive games and show performance.


Please be aware of tourist scams.

  • It is common practice for tourists to be taken to many tourist places that pay 'kickbacks' from admission charges and tourist shopping.
  • Differential pricing where foreigners have to pay more.

ESCAPE campaigns alone against dishonest business practices and we stand firm by our ethical foundations of having created a scam-free tourist destination.

Say NO to corruption, say NO to tourist scams.

Do we want our tourism industry to be driven by ‘players’ who compete based on the size of the bribes they hand out at the expense of the innocent tourists and providing tourism excellence?

Corruption is more than just the unaccounted money. Corruption erodes fair competition. Corruption deprives the tourist of value and quality and breeds mediocrity. Corruption makes everything either more expensive or inferior.

ESCAPE is determined to win this fight. Join our battle against everyday corruption that affects our country and livelihood. The future of our next generation can only be secured if we rid society of the old ‘system’ of corruption.

    Sim Choo Kheng
    Chief Escape Officer

scam free Malaysian Institude of Integrity




December 2014

Fighting The Dragon of Corruption

Expat Magazine   

John Newberry took a walk at ESCAPE in Penang to talk to Sim Choo Kheng about corruption and how we can tackle it.
The man who's known for his singular fight against tourist scams in Penang. He's put a human face to the fight against corruption which he regards as monstrous.... [Read More]

3rd May 2014

Exploring Nature The Fun Way

The Star Newspaper   

The fun at ESCAPE is designed to help visitors see that “growing up is optional”.
Sim said that psychological research has shown that problem solving has little to do with schooling and memorising formulae and facts.
“It requires judgement, wisdom and a creative ability that comes from life experiences. For children, those experiences are embedded in play,”