• Fun For All

    The fun at ESCAPE is designed to help visitors see that “growing up is optional”

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  • ESCAPE's Dedication

    We are a team of dedicated and visionary individuals who share an unwavering commitment to be the market leader in its chosen fields by departing from the conventional and focusing on creativity.

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  • Safety

    Safety is our number 1 priority and we take it very seriously. We encourage you to read our park rules and hope you will have a great play!

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Fun Activities


Greenie Programme


At the heart of ESCAPE are the Serambi, the Learning House, and the Greenie Programme.

Surrounding the Serambi are interactive multi-activities for Junior Kids (4-12 year old).
Through participating in activities that stimulate the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell), along with encouraging their creativity and imagination, the Junior Kids have fun while learning.

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The fun activities include:

  • Growing vegetables to understand sustainability and pesticide-free growing methods.
  • Creating environmentally sensitive fertilizer to help the vegetables grow.
  • Exploring the river eco-system and the local eco-systems.
  • Cooking with ESCAPE-produced ingredients and tasting the goodness of Greenie-grown foods.
  • Creating hand-made toys and games increasing dexterity and interactive fun.
  • Learning about recycling and the negative aspects of discarding rubbish into eco-systems.

The Greenie programme mission is to reconnect Junior Kids with nature. Only when children have fallen in love with nature will they want to protect it. The fun activities are the steps that will lead the future generations on the journey to fulfilling the mission and creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

This programme is subjected to bookings only, for group of 10 kids or more.